Report: Tom Brady Just Helped the BIG3 Basketball League Earn a Decisive Win

New England Quarterback Tom Brady has been part of the court system for quite some time now, but this time it was for a great cause. BIG3.

The quarterback helped the BIG3 basketball league earn a huge win. The league is co-founded by Ice Cube and pits former NBA players in 3-on-3 games hosted in different cities of the country. BIG3 was hit by a lawsuit from a competing league, known as the Champions League.

The Champions League claimed to be involved with Brady, and that was just a vain effort to attract the attention of investors. The league was actually suing the BIG3 for poaching players that were supposed to play with them. Let’s not forget that the Champions League hasn’t played any games yet.

The Champions also bragged about the involvement of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. However, their efforts went down the hill, as Brady and Kimmel submitted a letter explaining that they have never heard anything about the Champions League and its founder Carl George. Brady also made sure everybody understand that he has never talked to anyone from the league, nor has had any affiliation with the Champions or their teams.

Brady’s letter was dated February 14, and it was submitted to court earlier this summer in July.

Former NBA player and coach Byron Scott was also involved in the matter. His representatives sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Champions for coming forward with false statements about his involvement in the league.
According to latest reports, the Champions League dropped its lawsuit against the BIG3.

Every lie comes to an end, and this may be a good lesson to anyone who tries to pull out a similar trick. Let’s hope that the battle will stop with this problem. We’ve had enough with these scandals, and you?

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