Patriots’ Rodney Harrison Offers Advice To Struggling Jonnu Smith

Patriots’ Rodney Harrison has offered some advice to the struggling Jonnu Smith. Really, the Patriots as a whole are struggling and have some problems that need to be looked at. As we wrote about previously, there is a good chance that the offensive line is getting a bit of a change up which could solve a few problems up front. It will be interesting to see how that has an impact on the offense and Mac Jones in general.

Mac Jones has been decent so far this year, especially given he is a rookie. But they need more if they are going to make the post season.

One of the people who has been struggling a lot is Jonnu Smith. Patriots’ great Rodney Harrison had a bit of advice for him and it is interesting to read.

Patriots’ Rodney Harrison Offers Advice To Struggling Jonnu Smith

“I remember him when he was with the Titans,” Harrison said recently during an interview. “Before I would see flashes of him as he made his way and kind of became a veteran player in this league and I used to always say, ‘The Titans don’t use him enough. The Titans don’t use him enough.’”

“What he’s going to have to do is he’s going to have to get to a point, forget about all the expectations and the big contract and just go out there and play. He seems like he’s fighting the ball, he’s not relaxed. The kid has so much talent and so much ability that it’s like he’s putting added pressure on himself. He’s finally got the financial security he’s looking for, this is the time just to relax and go out there and play. He doesn’t have to play scared or anything like that.”

“I am looking for him to really step up because the expectations when he came here was that this dude could do a lot of different things — (create) mismatches for linebackers, safeties and even cornerbacks because he’s a very, very talented kid. He just needs to relax and play football.”

What do you think about what he had to say?