Rob Ninkovich Destroys WEEI After Tom Brady Shut It Down

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero have been in the center of all events lately. This time WEEI was targetted for pressuring Tom on Guerrero issues. Ninkovich fired the first shot.

The quarterback didn’t want to answer any of the questions associated with Guerrero. Brady even hung up on Kirk and Callahan’s program. But, it was something we saw coming, because Kirk crossed the red line. He peppered Brady! But, Ninkovich had the perfect response.

The whole thing started when Guerrero was spotted flying with the team to Carolina. This was the first time we saw him on the same plane with the Patriots. Remember how he was denied access to the sidelines?

This got people talking about Brady and Guerrero, and Rob Ninkovich wasn’t buying any of that. He was fed up with the whole Brady-Belichick-Guerrero thing, and decided to put an end to the speculations.

“Stop asking dumb questions and Tom won’t hang up on you,” Ninkovich tweeted as a response to the phone call.

“Tom Brady just ended his interview with us after @kirkmin asked him about Alex Guerrero’s new travel arrangements with the Patriots this year,” read the tweet by Kirk & Callahan.

Yes, things are fine between Brady and his head coach, and Guerrero probably enjoys a different status at the moment. But, this doesn’t give people right to poison Brady with all those questions. Let the man be and do what he knows best. Play football. The Patriots need all the concentration at the moment.

There was no tension between the quarterback and his head coach. It was just a made-up story, and both Brady and Belichick denied it. And now we have Guerrero travelling with the Pats, so yes, it’s time to put stop the nonsense, and put an end to the story of the alleged issues in the Patriots organization. There’s no such thing. Finito.

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