Rob Parker Goes Off And Tries To Rip Tom Brady On Live TV (VIDEO)

The New England Patriots are growing stronger with every day that goes by, and some people just don’t like the idea of seeing him win the Super Bowl. Is Rob Parker one of them?

We hear a lot of stupid things about the Patriots, and each of the speculations are nothing but a lame effort to draw negative publicity. Many of you’d agree that Rob Parker made the dumbest comments.

Parker went on “Undisputed,” and made a bunch of ignorant remarks. Tom Brady was his favorite target, and these comments made us think that he doesn’t really have a clue about anything related to football.

The “Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers” debate was the hottest topic in the Wednesday’s episode. Skip Bayless talked of Tom Brady as the best quarterback in entire NFL history. The discussion was somehow tolerable, but it was also loud and annoying at times.

Parker shouldn’t have said a word. He was all about attacking Tom Brady, and he definitely doesn’t like Brady being called the greatest quarterback of all-time. But, Brady sure is the best quarterback in the league. Parker didn’t even think twice before suggesting that no one would ever select Brady over Rodgers.

“Tom Brady is one of the luckiest players of all time. … Aaron Rodgers has the NFL’s record for QB passer rating in the history of all QBs who’s ever played, including Tom Brady,” Parker said.

Well, everybody can have their opinion, and we can’t blame Parker for saying this. America is a free country, and everyone is allowed to have an opinion. But, Rodgers isn’t better than Brady, and that’s a pure fact.

It’s not like we’re pushing Brady forward. All the videos and documentaries say it all. Brady has skills and talent. He will definitely bring the Pats closer to the Super Bowl.

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