Steph Curry Opens Up How LeBron Helped Him, And Their Great Time Together

Graham Bensinger had a nice talk with All-Star NBA point guard and MVP prospect, Steph Curry. The All-Star opened so many topics, including his time with James LeBron.

Steph Curry talked how LeBron helped him, saying he’s a ‘cool guy.’ Well, we already new this. Curry talked how he grew up as the son of a NBA player, the lack of college scholarship offers and his last-minute decision to become part of the NBA draft.

Curry shared details about his family life, and we got to hear details about the firing of former Warriors coach, Mark Jackson. The All-Star offers huge philanthropic support to assist the efforts for eradicating malaria.
But, one things got us thinking deeper – LeBron James.

“LeBron is a cool guy. He’s a guy that, actually for me, when I was coming through college… He came to couple of my games. He’s really down to Earth, approachable. He gave me a lot of mental, you know, nuggets that I could take with me as I started my own NBA career, and you know obviously as a basketball player he was amazing, so somebody that has a lot of pressure on it and somehow seems to keep getting better…” Curry said of LeBron.

“It was probably that we went bowling in this house which was pretty pretty cool…” he talked about the times they hanged out together in the Cleveland house. “He’s a pretty solid bowler I didn’t have a chance that day, and the next day they beat us in Cleveland so I was over for two that week, I guess…”

You can’t just hear someone saying bad things about LeBron. I mean, he’s the king of basketball after all. Curry and the rest of the guys respect him, and that’s the only thing that counts at the moment.

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