Tom Brady Broke His Silence On Patriots vs. Panthers Game Performance

The New England Patriots lost the third preseason game to the Carolina Panthers, and quarterback Tom Brady isn’t happy with the outcome, and he has every right to feel so.

The Patriots quarterback is dissatisfied with his team’s offense, and he spoke about the things that led to the terrible loss of 25-14. Let’s not forget that the Patriots score only three points in the first half. How does Tom Brady see this?

“I think it’s a lot of execution that we need to certainly get a lot better at in the next couple of weeks, because we play obviously, next week and then they all count after that. If you want to put them in the win column, you want to go earn them, and we certainly didn’t play that way tonight. Our execution wasn’t good enough to score enough points,” Brady said.

The offense ran 31 plays and generated only 120 total yards and one field goal. Stephen Gostkowski missed the second field goal attempt.

“We’ve got to move the ball down the field and score points. That’s what the offense is out there to do. We’re not out there to go out and punt or kick field goals. We’re out there to score points and hopefully score touchdowns,” Brady added.

The regular season starts off on Sept. 9 at Gillette Stadium, and Houston Texans are the first on the list. It will be nice to see the Patriots improving their game. The last preseason game was a bit disappointing, and let’s hope that this won’t happen again. Every player in the team was disappointed. Gronk and Brady didn’t like the outcome of the game, and may this be a lesson for the rest of the guys. Mistakes of this kind have to be avoided, and the offense needs a backup. The same applies to the defense, too.

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