Tom Brady Reveals His First Impression After Trying The New Helmet

The National Football League changed the rules regarding the headgear, and they’ve eliminated some of the helmets that don’t fit the safety criteria. This means that Tom Brady won’t be able to wear his favorite Ridell VSR-4 helmet.

The quarterback wore the helmet throughout his entire career, but the NFL management said ‘no’ to it. Several other types will be banned from use in 2019.

So, Brady decided to try on a Riddell Precision Fit SpeedFlex helmet with a SF-2BD-SW face mask and a Riddell soft cup chinstrap. In other words, he won’t retire in 2018. That’s good news for his fans, and his experiment put an end to the speculations over his potential retirement announcement.


“Our equipment manager Brenden (Murphy) was begging me to try it, and I was very resistant. But it’s been pretty sweet. I kind of like it,” Brady said of his new helmet.

When asked if he would keep it, Brady wasn’t pretty sure about his decision. “I don’t know. The face mask isn’t quite right, so I’m working on that, but trying it out,” the quarterback added.

Murphy also convinced wide receiver Danny Amendola to change his helmet. Amendola suffered a concussion, and decided to change his old helmet with a more advanced model.

“It’s top level, the best they make,” Amendola said. “They’re constantly making new (helmets), testing them out and trying to improve them. Mine was an older model to begin with, and I could have upgraded, so I did,” the 31-year-old wideout said. “He’s the best in the entire world. He saved my life,” Amendola said of Brenden Murphy.

The Patriots will do whatever it takes to bring the game to a higher level. New headgear, new methods, new tricks. Will they win the Super Bowl this year? Let’s wait and find out.

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