Watch: Cam Newton Takes Horrifying Fall vs. Patriots

The Carolina Panthers thought that the third preseason game will be their opportunity to present the style of play that they are about to offer in the regular season. But, quarterback Cam Newton better work on that leg game.

Cam Newton is aware of the risks brought by leg plays. The Panthers took this risk in the opening drive of offense, but it didn’t work for them.

The Panthers were driving upfield on a third and nine, and the quarterback scrambled to his left and then dove for it, but the Patriots defense tackled him. Losing the ball is the only possible scenario in such moves. The worst part of the whole effort was seeing Newton land on his head. Ouch!

The first down didn’t went well for the quarterback, and fans are already screaming that he has to stop the craziness. It’s just the preseason.

Maybe they are right. Move of this kind could easily put an end to his game, and he may even miss the entire regular season. That’s the last thing a quarterback needs in the third preseason game.

Newton was taken into a medical tent on the sideline, and Taylor Heinicke jumped in the game as quarterback. He handed the ball off multiple times, but luckily, Newton was able to return to the game a little later. Better luck next time, Newton. Watch on those legs.

Preseason games are actually a rehearsal for the regular season. players try out new moves, sharpen the skills, switch positions and suffer injuries.

That’s right. Risks are not welcomed in the preseason, and high-ranked players are often recommended to “chill down.” Maybe that’s a good advice if you take into consideration the number of players who won’t play in the regular season due to an injury.

Let’s see what happens in the regular season.

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