Watch: Danny Etling Runs For Insane 86-yard TD

Danny Etling had his bright moments during the Patriots game against the New York Giants.

The New England Patriots played the preseason finale against the Giants, and the rookie quarterback run for 86 yards, and put the Patriots up 17-6. Etling was all by himself, and he took the highway to run up the right side of the field. Was this an easy touchdown? It may look easy, but everyone agreed that Danny Etling actually channeled his inner Michel Vick.

Etling isn’t really considered a burner with his legs. He could only muster 70 yards running throughout his collegiate career, and this is something new. A brand new dimension. Etling did an amazing job, and he got people talking about him. Where was this guy until now?

The player’s highlight of the evening came courtesy of his legs, but his arm was a concerning aspect of his finale. He was a bit erratic at times, outside the 45-yard pass to bring a Patriots touchdown, as Etling tossed two interceptions on the evening.

With his two minutes in the game, Etling completed 18 of 32 passes for 157 yards, one touchdown and two picks. He totaled 115 yards along with his magnificent highlight.

The Patriots should think twice before making any Etling-associated decision in near future. Etling’s highlight was a big thing during he game, and he sure presented his potential. Maybe he could work more on his arms, and boost his leg game.

New England is now getting ready for the regular season. What’s the right formula for success? Head coach Bill Belichick made a few calculations during the preseason, and these four games sure helped him pick the right players for the 53-man roster. Who will join quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski? Let’s wait and find out.

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