Watch: Danny Etling Throws 45-yard Bomb For Patriots Touchdown

Did Danny Etling just show his true potential? I guess so.

The third quarter of the matchup between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants was full of surprises, and the rookie quarterback handled this 45-yard pass to wide out K.J. Maye. This put the team at the 1-yard line. Danny Etling managed to connect with running back Ralph Webb for the magnificent touchdown, and put the Patriots up 10-6.

The 45-yard bomb was actually a proof that Etling has a good touch. He rolled out to the right, and opened himself up for the big throw.

Undrafted corner J.C. Jackson started the drive. He picked off Kyle Lauletta. Lauletta checked up on the left side of the field in an effort to complete the pass downfield. However, Jackson tipped the ball into his hands for his second pick of the game.

Jackson had a good play in the game, and this could definitely give him a place on the opening 53-man roster. But, Etling has just one highlight during the game. He completed 14 of 26 passes for 28 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions.

Webb was the star of the preseason, and he may make the practice squad. He has potential and a clean game, so head coach Bill Belichick should take him into conversation.

The preseason games showed Belichich the true light of his players. Now he knows the real capacity of them all, and this would help him build the 53-man roster. Of course, he will have to do a serious trimming, and some players won’t like his criteria. Well, Belichick is working for the well-being of the Patriots, and they need no weak spots on the field. Remember what happened in the game against the Carolina Panthers? It was so terrible, and Belichick will do his best to prevent a similar catastrophe.

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