Watch: Mike Gillislee Scores First Patriots Touchdown vs. Panthers

The New England Patriots were doing a great job in the preseason until they met with the Carolina Panthers. Mike Gillislee brought some hope.

The third preseason game was more than awful, and Brady’s points say it all. The quarterback managed to put just three points on the board. The longest play of the matchup went for 21 yards. Yes, it was that bad. But, Mike Gillislee saved the game. Sort of.

The key players didn’t take part in the game due to severe injuries. The only bright moment of the game was probably its end, as the Patriots managed to end it on a high note. Mike Gillislee had a short touchdown, and it was the team’s first in the matchup against Carolina. The fourth quarter was slightly better than the rest of the game.


Gillislee and his Patriot fellows had hard time playing on the field. It wasn’t their day. Or week. Gillislee run for 35 yards on 10 carriers, and his average was 3.5 yards per attempt. That’s just not acceptable.

Jeremy Hill had a bad night, too. He gained 2.8 yards per attempt and no touchdown. Hill did an amazing job in the first two preseason games, and was a promising running back, but couldn’t give his best this time.

How will the Patriots react once they watch the tape from their game against the Carolina Panthers? This is one of their worst games, and they will only use it to learn of their mistakes. What went wrong?

Head coach Bill Belichick will have to check up the tape a few more times before he makes the final decision on the roster. The Super Bowl is a great deal, and no mistakes are allowed. Maybe the guys will improve their tactics and win the next game. The regular season is about to start, and they better work on the solution.

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