Watch: Patriots’ LaAdrian Waddle Gets Into Post-Play Scuffle With Panthers

The New England Patriots didn’t have the best game ever. Their matchup with the Carolina Panthers were more like a bad joke, and it seems like Pats lost their charm. Did they? The defense wasn’t as strong as it used to be, and there was LaAdrian Waddle.

The Patriots were kept off the field offensively for 10 minutes. The Carolina Panthers had a masterful opening drive, and yes, they decorated it with a field goal. The defense wasn’t really strong, and players are still adjusting the game to the moves that we saw being made at wide receiver. To be honest, the Patriots aren’t in an easy position at this stage. Frustration is the first thing that comes to your mind, right? However, LaAdrian Waddle didn’t have to go that far.

There was a unnecessary roughness call due to Waddle’s hit on Mike Adams.

Head coach Bill Belichick took Waddle out of the field after his horrible play. The unnecessary roughness call was inevitable part of it.

The Patriots tried to pull the best out of the situation. Waddle was benched in favor of Ulrick John, and we still have no idea of the real meaning of this for the Pats’ depth chart.

Isaiah Wynn’s injure left an opening, and John could have passed Waddle. Was Bill Belichick trying to prove a point that he won’t tolerate any dumb penalties? However, this doesn’t change the fact that Waddle made a late hit and deserved to be benched. Such mistakes aren’t tolerated, Waddle must be aware of his awful play. The team could lose a regular season games if anything like this happens. The regular season is a big deal, and Waddle better put his stuff together. Will the Patriots manage to work on a better game plan? Let’s hope so. This was a bad game.

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