Rob Gronkowski Releases Statement About Lions Trade Report

Nobody was aware of the fact that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was about to be subjected to a trade deal with the Detroit Lions. However, Gronk said ‘no’ to the Lions trade, and he finally opened about the whole deal.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that the Patriots and Detroit talked about the possible trade of Gronk this offseason. The Lions trade got pretty serious on the week of the NFL Draft, but Gronkowski rejected every possibility to be traded.
The All Pro tight end made sure everybody understands the fact that he’s a Patriot. Gronkowski will never leave the Patriots, because he’s happy with his teammates, including quarterback Tom Brady. It’s more than clear that Gronk will never become a Lion or whatever.

When reporters asked him about the deal, Gronkowski confirmed the existence of such discussion, and also confirmed his final word.

“Yeah, it happened. Brady’s my quarterback, that’s all. I wasn’t going anywhere without Brady,” Gronkowski said.
The tight end spent too much time with the quarterback, and they have a nice chemistry. Although several teams were interested in Gronk, his desire to stay in Foxboro was stronger than anything.

“I’m just glad to be here. Glad to be part of this team. Glad to be part of this organization. And all that talk, all that stuff, I would love to put it in the past whatever it is, whatever reports keep coming out. I’m here, I’m here to stay and I’m here to keep playing ball with the Patriots and just enjoying my time here,” Gronk said in September.

Brady and Gronk have a nice game together, and the quarterback already complained on the lack of activity of other players. Gronkowski can’t play the game all by himself. He needs a hand on the field, and those receivers better work harder next week.

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