A Closer Look at Tom Brady the Father vs. the GOAT

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all times. He’s been helping the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, and he’s now entering his 19th season with the team. But, Brady has another title. Dad.

The Patriots quarterback is much more than a football star. He’s a caring husband and father of three. Many would say that Brady the GOAT is much different than the father. But, there’s just one Tom Brady, and he’s great in everything he does.

Brady would do everything to raise his kids well, and protect them from everyone who tries to harm them. Brady never ‘poisons’ his fans with too much info about his family. He would post a pic of the kids and Gisele once in a while, and that’s all.

But, the Patriots’ loss to the Eagles was a huge disaster for him, and some were even picking up on him.
Brady went on his weekly Bosotn radio show, and got so upset that he would just stop the whole thing. One of the station’s personalities made a disgraceful remark, calling Brady’s daughter Vivian an “annoying little pissant. Brady responded in the best way possible. Like a papa bear.

“Well, I think that… I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect. I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys, so it’s very disappointing when you hear that, certainly with—my daughter or any child, they certainly don’t deserve that. So I’ll obviously evaluate whether I want to come on this show again, so I really don’t have much to say this morning. So maybe I’ll speak with you guys some other time,” he said.

Let’s hope that none of this will happen again. The GOAT will always protect his kids, and Reimer better remember that.


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