Anthony Davis Opens Up About The Facts Behind LeBron And Lakers Link Up

Fans were positively surprised when Anthony Davis switched agents, and signed LeBron’s agent Paul. Being part of the Klutch Sports Group is a big thing, and King James congratulated him on the move.

Although many thought that Anthony Davis will also switch teams, it’s more than clear that he will stay with the New Orleans Pelicans. That’s what he said.

The All-Star joined the league in 2012. He was drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans, and has never been part of another team. Many said that Davis may go straight to Los Angeles, but he denied each rumor.

“It was just for where I am right now in my career — what I’m trying to do — I thought the change was necessary. That’s all it was,” the 25-year-old star said.

Davis has a couple more years of his contract with the Pelicans. He wasn’t really thrilled by the departure of Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins.

“If New Orleans doesn’t play well this year, they’re going to try and broker a trade to get him to Los Angeles. What better guy to do that than Rich Paul? He pretty much controls the market. Guys are running left and right to be represented by him. This is classic… I think there are some things in the NBA we don’t know about. Something’s brewing. If things don’t go well in New Orleans this year and they’re hovering around 500 or not looking like a playoff team, Boston’s going to make a run at him or the Lakers. I guarantee you that. He will not be in New Orleans by the end of the year. If they’re not playing well he will not make it to All-Star weekend,” Paul Pierce said.

Let’s see if Davis manages to stay with the Pelicans. He may be off for a better season, and that can change pretty much everything related to his career.

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