Enes Kanter Reveals How Challenging It Is To Annoy LeBron James

We all know that the New York Knicks center Enes Kanter is the regular troll of the NBA. But, he has nothing on LeBron James.

Enes Kanter is the master of trash talk, but his comments can’t even touch King James. Kanter had an interview with ESPN’s Royce Young, and used the opportunity to admit that nothing can distract LeBron. Yes, he was referring to the time when he got into a huge scuffle with James. Did he distract him? Of course not.

“I would do anything to take his focus away, distract him. People ask me, ‘Does it work?’ No, it does not work. But I’m trying,” Kanter said.

The exchange between the Knicks center and LeBron was rather heated and it all started when the MVP pushed Kanter’s teammate Frank Ntilikina. “This is a 19-year-old kid against a 260-pound dude. This is not fair. So I get in there and we were face-to-face and we trash-talked a little bit,” Kanter explained.

Kanter probably doesn’t know that he got the attention of LeBron James. But, he said that LeBron can call himself whatever he wants, and that won’t change the fact that the Knicks would fight.

What happened the next time LeBron faced off New York? He went at the Madison Square Garden with his “I’m King” shoes. Classy.

Their relationship got to the point where Kanter tried to recruit King James to play in New York last year.

Kanter will keep playing his trash-talk game, and Twitter is his most powerful weapon. Remember what happened when Damarcus Cousins joined the Golden State Warriors? Kanter posted a pic of the NBA commissioner Adam Silver wearing a Warriors uniform. However, he was pretty nervous about the possibility that the Knicks could fine him.

“Yeah, the Adam Silver thing. I remember I tweeted that picture and five minutes later I sit down and think. Man, I’m gonna get fined? I texted the Knicks PR guy and said, ‘am I getting fined?’” Kanter said.

He didn’t get fined, but his GM called him, asking him not to “poke every bear.” Kanter promised to poke just a few.

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