Gisele Releases Statement Of Her Fears For Tom Brady’s Safety As His 19th NFL Season Begins

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the GOAT, and he has just entered his 19th NFL season.

Brady is 41, and he’s more than ready to give his best, and help his team to win the Super Bowl. Even his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen supports his willingness to keep playing. Gisele was first trying to convince Brady that he really needs to retire, but the quarterback was too confident about his 19th NFL season with the Pats. So, instead of pushing him harder, Gisele just decided to trust her husband, and support his decision.

Brady is in an excellent shape, and he did a really good job in the preseason and during the regular-season opening game against the Houston Patriots. Gisele has been really supportive since the very beginning, but now she’s worried about her husband.

“Gisele shares Tom’s confidence as the NFL season begins. She never fears for Tom’s safety even though he is 41 and beginning his 19th season playing in the NFL. She thinks Tom is still fast, strong and smart enough to keep himself safe and healthy during the tough season. Also, she does not worry at all about Tom getting hurt or seriously injured, she loves and supports him 100% and thinks he is the greatest quarterback of all time, period,” an insider said.

The Patriots are the only NFL team Brady played with, and he has no intention of retiring. In “Tom vs. Time” Brady said that he plans to play until 45, and yes, we believe he’s fit for the challenge. His game is sharp, and Brady also has a nice chemistry with tight end Rob Gronkowski. What else could you ask for?

Although many said he would retire this year, Brady just showed everyone that he’s ready for the big game. He even changed his headgear in accordance with the latest NFL rules on safety.

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