Gronkowski Reacts To Circus Catch Thrown By Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski are filling headlines these days, and the magnificent catch only added fuel to the fire.

Brady and Gronk helped the team win the matchup against the Houston Texans. They connected on seven of their eight passes during the regular-season opener. The duo scored the first touchdown of the season, and Gronkowski had a stellar grab in the last minute of the first half. He sure spotted the laser pass from the quarterback, and so did the Texans. They were drapped all over the tight end.

“Yeah, when I was running up the seam I had two guys on me and when I saw the ball in the air I literally thought first thing, ‘What is Tom [Brady] thinking?’ When that ball was in the air I had a guy grabbing me and I was just like, ‘I’ve just got to go for it.’ I can’t let them make a play on it, so just went up for it, made the catch. I did make the catch. I don’t know how. When I went to the ground I had it stable in my hand, so it was definitely a catch, but Tom went up to the line really quick just to make sure. We got the play off, which was nice,” Gronk said of the catch.

Brady and Gronk have a nice chemistry, and they’ve been playing together for nine seasons. “Rob and I – we’ve been playing together for a long time. I remember a couple years ago, we threw like in April one year, and I mean we threw like 40 passes. We hit them all. So, I know his body language. I know his ability to run and what routes. He can do it. He can do really all the routes. It’s just a matter of giving him a chance, and it came with a big touchdown today. But, all the guys – the backs played well, receivers, guys who were in there did a good job. So, it’s one win. We’ve got to do a lot better. We’re going to try to this week,” Brady said.

Keep up the good job, guys!

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