James Harrison Doubles Down On Accepting Bill Belichick Over Mike Tomlin

James Harrison is more than sure that the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is better than Mike Tomlin. Moreover, he believes that Belichick is the best coach in the league.

This doesn’t surprise anyone. Bill Belichick is considered one of the best coaches in the NFL history, and James Harrison knows it.

“Mike Tomlin is good as a head coach. He’s a player’s coach. I think he needs to be a little bit more disciplined. The big thing with Belichick is he’s very regimented, he’s disciplined, everyone is going to be on the same page, there’s not going to be anything as far as someone doing their own thing. I think over there (in New England) their whole coaching staff is like that,” he said earlier this summer.

Many were surprised to hear this, as Harrison played 10 seasons for Tomlin with the Pittsburgh Steelers and just two months for Belichick with the New England Patriots. The former All-Pro linebacker was pretty blunt in noting that Tomlin needs to be more disciplined. What’s the best way to achieve that? “Just being more consistent across the board with everything. From your stars to your special team players,” Harrison said at the time.

This time he doubled down a day after former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw criticized Mike Tomlin in a radio interview. Harrison didn’t rip Tomlin, but confirmed his opinion of how the coach needs to improve his attention to details. That’s the only way to reach the full potential of the team. Let’s not forget that Tolin guided Pittsburgh to 10 or more wins in eight of his 11 seasons.

Will Tomlin react to this notion? Harrison knows what he’s saying, as he spent really long time with the Steelers. In other words, he can point out the mistakes Tomlin made at the time.

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