LeBron James Brings Verdict on Los Angeles Lakers Teammates

LeBron James signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this summer, and he wasn’t the only basketball star to join the team. Magic Johnson was trying to revamp the franchise, and signed additional 10 players. How will LeBron cope with his new Lakers teammates?

The Los Angeles Lakers managed an eleventh-place finish in the Western Conference last season, and missed out on the play-offs. Will LeBron and his Lakers teammates go a bit higher this season?

Johnson secured LeBron’s services, and that will boost the team, bringing it to the finals. The Lakers is packed with rookies and rough diamonds. LeBron is happy with the teammates he got to work with.

“I’m excited to play with all of them, every last one of them. From the guys that were there to all those newcomers that’s come in, so it’s an exciting time for us in L.A.,” LeBron said.

The Lakers’ veterans will do a nice job this year, and Rajon Rondo will definitely work on his chemistry with the new star.

“We just got guys that love to play basketball. At the end of the day, guys that love to play ball, and that’s what they do every single day, I love that. I love that, and I think [Rob] Pelinka and Magic [Johnson] love that as well, and that’s why they made the signings. And bringing Lance [Stephenson] and JaVale [McGee] and [Michael Beasley] and Rondo, they’re guys that every day that they wake up, they think about the game of basketball. And everything else is secondary,” LeBron said in one of his interviews.

So, the new season is about to start, and LeBron has no issues regarding the new team. Will the Lakers manage to defeat other teams in the Western Conference? Let’s wait and find out.

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