LeBron Had A Hilarious Arrival Home On Thanksgiving Morning

LeBron James and Anthony Davis had an incredible game against the New Orleans Pelicans and earned their ninth consecutive win. The Lakers have lost just two games of the regular season. Although it’s too soon to make a prediction, we believe that LeBron will help the team win a title this season. He was unable to do that last season, and things got a lot better now. The Lakers keep winning games, and LeBron was super thrilled for his arrival home after a long road trip. Families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, and LeBron will always remember this story.

Holidays can get out of control, and even LeBron isn’t immune to the “fever.” The king shared the moment with his fans in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning.

Right after arriving home, LeBron realized that his cute little daughter has taken over his bed, and he had to look somewhere else to sleep. His family was in the house, and every guest room was “booked.” It looks like the king can’t get his sleep. Remember what happened during his pregame nap in Memphis? He couldn’t sleep because of the band outside the Grizzlies arena.

If you still complain about your duties in the kitchen, keep in mind that LeBron slept on a couch for the first day home from a long trip. Well, Zhuri is his little princess, and she can do whatever she wants. LeBron won’t get mad for that. He was super excited after the win, and spending a night on the couch doesn’t mean a thing.

The Lakers had an incredible start of the season, and LeBron plays his best basketball. It will be a season full of excitement and wins, and we can’t wait to see the Lakers make the playoffs. LeBron and Davis have to stay healthy to finish the job. The outcome of this season will affect Davis’ offseason decision. Will he stay in Los Angeles? Maybe he will be interested to sign with a different team. We are waiting for that title though. Let’s see if the king will be able to reclaim his throne. He will need another title.

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