LeBron James Just Hooked Up Ohio State Football With Amazing New Cleats (Photos)

LeBron James is a brilliant basketball player, and he’s about to have his debut wearing the Lakers uniform. But, the king of basketball is also focused on few other things, such as the Ohio State football.

This only confirms that LeBron is a wonderful person, and he will always give his best to help people improve themselves. Ohio State thanked LeBron for the new cleats he hooked the team up with. The cleats are out of this world, and LeBron deserves all the respect.

If you take a closer look at the cleat, you’d say that the new “LeBron Soldier XII” is pretty similar to the things we see in Star Wars. Yes, the show is like a Storm Trooper.

LeBron may have left Cleveland, but he will always have a special place in his heart for his home state of Ohio. That love is true and pure. It has nothing to do with his new team or his decision to leave the Cavaliers.

Fans were crazy over the Buckeyes’ shoe game. It’s a whole different level!

The players will wear the new cleats in the game against TCU. Maybe LeBron will send them enough luck to keep up with the mind-blowing speed of the Horned Frogs.

Fans are already asking if they can get the cleats. Some say that the shoes won’t be available for fans, adding that they were created for football players only. Who knows… Maybe LeBron will release a new line and surprise his fans. Those amazing cleats are a ‘must,’ especially if you’re a LeBron fan and fancy a stylish cleat.

Ohio State will definitely look fancier in the matchup against TCU, that’s a sure bet.

We do hope that LeBron will keep doing these amazing things for his people. He’s the best, and maybe other athletes will follow his example.

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