LeBron James Makes Huge Statement About Drik Nowitzki

LeBron James is on his Nike tour, and this time he’s having some great time in Germany. The tour took him to Berlin. He used the opportunity to support the greatest player in the country – Dirk Nowitzki.

When LeBron talked about the basketball in Germany, and said that just one name stands above the rest. Yes, we’re referring to Dirk Nowitzki. The NBA star respects Nowitzki, and even views him as one of his favorite player of all time. What an honor!

Nowitzki led the Dallas Maverick to their only championship. He did so by defeating LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals. King James said that Dirk’s one-legged fadeway was one of the second-most unstoppable shot ever. He even added the move to the repertoire.

This isn’t the first time King James says the Mavericks legend to be one of his favorites. We remember the time when he said that Dirk is ranked really high on his list of all-time greats. LeBron sure respects Dirk’s ability to be this active during the later stages of his professional career.

“He is going to make shots. You have to try and make him work on every catch and go from there. Probably the most unstoppable shot ever is the sky hook. I guess you put Dirk second. You have a seven-footer fading away off one leg. There is no one that can block that shot,” LeBron said at the time he was the Heat forward.
Greatness recognizes greatness, right?

LeBron is pretty busy in Berlin. He attended an ISTAF event and visited the Berlin Wall. The king of basketball honored the South African middle distance runner and 2016 gold medalist Caster Semenya. We’ve all noticed how LeBron spent his time in Europe meeting top athletes. That’s what stars do.

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