LeBron James Puts Twitter On Fire After Tweeting Three Bold Words

The NBA star James LeBron uses Twitter and Instagram as a platform to share his opinion on different issues. This time he decided to stir the pots a bit.

King James wrote three simple words on Twitter, and his followers went crazy. Some praised his actions, while others expressed their disappointment of the Laker.

Just do it.

Yes, that’s the only thing LeBron wrote, and it was enough for fans to lose their mind.

LeBron’s sponsor Nike experiences serious backlash after using Colin Kaepernick as their 30th face of the Just Do It campaign. The former San Franciscko 49ers quarterback was the first football player to take a knee during the national anthem. Kaepernick protested against racial injustice and police brutality.

The sitting President of the United States Donald Trump also disapproved the move. Others burned their Nike trainers and clothes in protest of Nike’s decision.

LeBron already informed everyone that he stands with Nike regardess of the current situation, and confirmed his position this week. There was this post on the Nike Twitter account which read “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough.” LeBron just wrote #JustDoIt. Simple as that. He didn’t need to say more. Now everyone knows his grounds, and LeBron didn’t even think of letting the sportswear giants down.

Nike’s post was retweeted 12,000 times in 12 hours, and over 53,000 people liked it.

Some were disappointed of LeBron, while others hailed their hero. “More than an athlete,” tweeted one of his fans, while other just wrote “LeGOAT.”

Others weren’t really happy about this. “C’mon boy. Stick to what u know. Your garbage is destroying the Democratic party. Primary’s are around the corner. Tweet only facts till after the midterms,” one of the users wrote.

Let’s wait to see how will things turn at the end.

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