Nate Solder Had An Emotional Breakdown After Reuniting With Patriots

Nate Solder was part of the New England Patriots for seven years, and won two Super Bowls with the team. Now he signed a four-year contract with New York. Oh, and we saw his great hug with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Nate Solder and Tom Brady hugged each other before the preseason game between the Pats and Giants. He also embraced a few other fellow linemen, including LaAdrian Waddle and Joe Thuney.

“It was awesome. It was great to see them,” Solder said after the game. “I didn’t expect the emotions that I had. But it was just one after the other after the other. So many of them. I think the world of each of those guys. It was touching to see them,” he added.

Solder also said that he’s in touch with the players he used to line up alongside. “Those relationships go beyond football, so I know those guys will always be friends with me forever, no matter the circumstances.”

Brady also talked about the great relationship between a quarterback and a left tackle. He sure misses Solder on the edge of the protective front. Solder is well aware of the changes that come after switching clubs, but he will go through the transitional phase. He’s focused on himself and his family.

“There are so many things to look forward to. Not just football. Beyond the world of football. The ability to help multiple communities. A large group of people you can help in the New York City community. There are so many areas we’re looking forward to being a part of,” Solder said.

He is integrated into the community with his work with the Jimmy Fund. He’s led by a strong cause – the battle against cancer. Solder will keep doing an effort to help those in need in his new home in Boston.

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