Watch: Kyle Dugger Interception Leads To Rhamondre Stevenson TD For Patriots

Kyle Dugger had a great interception today that led to a Rhamondre Stevenson touch down for the New England Patriots. The Patriots are currently up 14-7 against a Browns team that is coming off of a big win against their in state rival the Cincinnati Bengals. The Patriots Are also coming off of 3 wins in a row, looking for their fourth. It has been a huge difference in the past few games for the Patriots. The offense is playing at a much higher level with Mac Jones at the helm. He has a big boost of confidence with these wins.

But the Patriot’s offense is not the only thing playing at a high level. The defense has also been impressive and that does not look to be changing today. Kyle Duggar picked off Baker Mayfield and returned it to the 5 yard line. This was a huge play that ended in a Patriot touchdown.

This was the third interception for Duggar on the season and it came at a very good time. If the Patriot defense can continue to set the offense up like it did in this play, it would be a huge confidence builder for the entire team going forward.

Watch: Kyle Dugger Interception Leads To Rhamondre Stevenson TD For Patriots

Bill Belichick talked about Mac Jones recently and how much better he has been playing than at the start of the season. As a rookie, it obviously took him a few games to get his feed underneath him. But since gaining some wins, his confidence is at an all time high.

“Sometimes, things like just how good a quarterback is on handoffs or how good he is on getting the ball deep to the running back, sometimes that extra split second that the running back has because he gets the ball sooner or he gets it a little bit deeper is the difference in a cut that could result in yards, maybe multiple yards, or maybe a few yards, or a quicker cut at the line of scrimmage. A lot of people don’t really see that.”