Report: NFL, Texans Make A Miserable Mess Of Controversial Gronk Catch

Regular season games are always accompanied with controversies, and the Houston Texans tried to pull one after the brilliant Gronk catch.

The New England Patriots and the Houston Texans met Sunday at the Gillette Stadium, and it seems like the guests have already complained about the Gronk catch.

In the middle of the Patriots’ final drive of the first half, Rob Gronkowski hauled in a 25-yard pass from quarterback Tom Brady. The Texans tried to stop him, but the tight end managed to haul in the pass. However, it seems like there is a case to be made that Gronk didn’t really come up with it.

To avoid any second thoughts, Tom Brady got the team’s offense all lined up and ran another play in an effort to make Gronk’s catch non-reviewable. It happened within two minutes, and officials should have looked at the play. New England scored later in the drive, and went up 21-6 at the first half.

Referee Tony Corrente gave the reasons for not reviewing the catch, although it was under two minutes. “It is [up to the league office in] New York and the situation was that New York did get back to us. However, unfortunately, they didn’t get to the game officials on the field until after the [next] play had already started,” the referee said.

Football experts would say that the Texans head coach Bill O’Brien should have called a timeout when he got the sense that New York doesn’t plan on making the call on the review.

“No, it’s not my job to do that. Let me make it clear that I don’t have challenges with two minutes to go, so we are all clear on that,” O’Brien said.

Did he blow it by not calling timeout? “I don’t have any idea. I will have to watch that on tape. That’s not my job to call a timeout, to make their job easier. You know, what I am trying to do is make sure we go into halftime with a 14-6 lead. I mean, down 14-6. Say I call a timeout there, they rule it a catch, now the Patriots have more time to put a play together. You know, whatever you are going to write, you are going to write. But that’s not my job to do that,” the coach said.

There you go.

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