Report: Tom Brady Makes Bold Statement About Aaron Rodgers’ Play

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still won’t admit that he’s the GOAT. Brady is really humble despite the fact that his list of achievements is super long. He is a three time NFL MVP, four time Super Bowl MVP and five time Super Bowl champion. Brady is the only quarterback in the league to start in eight Super Bowl games. And this time he talked about Aaron Rodgers.

When asked who is better between him and the Packers’ signal caller Aaron Rodgers, Brady didn’t give a precise answer.

Everyone would love to hear that answer from me. People have asked me what I think and everyone is fit for a different system. How do you compare? This is for sports-talk radio. Everyone is right for the right system. He’s (Rodgers) right for that system. Joe Montana was right for his system and a lot of time is the system develops around the skill-set of the quarterback. There’s a lot of different ways to get the job done. There is not one way of playing quarterback. I have seen it with all different types of players over the course of my career. It’s ultimately about moving the ball down the field and scoring points. I will leave that debate for all the bars and all the sports-talk shows. I’m not giving any rankings 1-5,” Brady said.

If we go off records, Brady thinks that Rodgers is better than him. “He’d throw for 7,000 yards every year. He’s so much more talented than me,” Brady told an NFL coach.

Rodgers has less Super Bowl rings than Brady, but some still say that he is the best quarterback in the league.

“I feel like Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback I’ve ever seen, and I feel like there is something wrong there that he has not won more because of how incredible this guy is as a quarterback. Tom Brady has his support system in New England and it makes me think that it’s a lot better than the one that Aaron Rodgers has because Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Tom Brady,” ESPN’s Dan Le Batard said.

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