Texans Coach Bill O’Brien Releases Bold Statement About Tom Brady’s Play

Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien believes that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hasn’t deteriorated since their team work in New England.

“I think he’s actually improved. I think this guy is a great football player. He works so hard at all the different parts of his game, relative to mechanics, knowledge of the game, [and] knowledge of his teammates. He’s always working on it,” Bill O’Brien said of Brady.

O’Brien spent five years with the Patriots, including his two years as quarterback coach on the team’s staff. He also said that the quarterback called him during the offseason to ask for any clarification on some plays and even offer suggestions on others.

“He’s always thinking about football and how to get the edge. That’s why he’s the player he is and he’s had the career that he’s had — and that’s why he’s still playing. He’s found that edge, and he continues to try to get better every single day,” the Houstons coach added.

O’Brian also talked about the TB12 method and its impact on Brady’s awesome work with the team. He didn’t mention Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero, but sure mentioned the method. “They always find a way to take care of their bodies in different ways. Every guy does it in different ways. They found a way to keep their legs in shape, to keep their upper bodies in shape, [and] to keep their minds sharp, relative to the game. Obviously, Tom does a great job of that,” O’Brien said.

New England will host the Texans at the very beginning of the 2018 regular season. Quarterback Deshaun Watson will return after his surgery for a torn ACL.

It will be a nice match, and both teams are getting ready to give their max. How will the matchup end? Let’s wait and find out.

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