Texans’ Romeo Crennel Makes Joke About Trying To Defend Gronk

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is the worst nightmare of other teams, including the Houston Texans. The team will have to work on their defense, because Gronk will be on the field, and we all know that it’s practically impossible to subdue him. Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel made a joke prior the Sunday’s matchup.

“I could put about 12 or 13 people on the field, but that won’t work because they won’t allow me to do that,” Romeo Crennel said. Yes, it’s against the rules. Well, maybe bending the rules is the only way to defeat Gronkowski.

The five-time Pro Bowl selection made eight catches for 89 yards and a touchdown in the Patriots Week 3 majestic win over the Texans last season. Crennel will have to sharpen his team if they want to secure a win at the Gillette Stadium. That will be more than hard.

“It’s hard to cover him because he uses all of his skill sets to get open and to catch the ball. You can try to take him away and you can double him or triple him and try to do that, but they have other people on the team and you can’t double everybody. So, you have to pick and choose your moments and times and hope that you pick the right ones,” Crennel said.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may end up looking Gronk’s way even more than he normally does. There are too many question marks surrounding the wide receiver depth chart of the team. So many injuries, so many empty spots.

The 2018 season is about to start, and both Brady and Gronk are ready for the big game. The Houston Texans better be ready for the big shot. Gronk is on his way to help the Pats win, and that’s a big thing.

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