Tom Brady Sr. Reveals Why He Doesn’t Get Nervous

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a brilliant career, and he’s defintiely the greatest quarterback in the entire NLF history. Brady claimed five Super Bowl titles, and is a common name in the league’s record book. The quarterback is 41, and he still rocks the football. His huge game has great affect on the way his father Tom Brady Sr. Watches the game.

Tom Brady Sr. Revealed that he doesn’t get as nervous as he used to be before. He spoke to Albert Breer of the MMQB, and shared interesting details of Brady’s game days.

Twenty years ago, 18 years ago, I couldn’t eat two days before a game. Now I’m eating without a nervous stomach an hour before the game. I guess I’m conditioned to having a very successful son. I don’t have the same fear I had 15, 20 years ago, and that’s because I’ve seen how he’s done things, prepared, and been able to perform,” Brady Sr. Said.

He witnessed all the question regarding Brady’s longevity in the league, and so did we. The quarterback skipped out on all of the voluntary workouts. There are also the rumors regarding the tension between him and head coach Bill Belichick. But, Brady is still here, and he’s still the same GOAT we watched on TV.

“He absolutely loves football. He’s said it, after watching 50,000 or 60,000 hours of film, it’s not hard anymore. The only thing that’s hard—mentally, intellectually, it’s not hard for him; physically, it’s hard. That’s unless you’re in spectacular physical condition, which he’s able to achieve through all the work he’s done with his body coach. It just stuns me. It’s been an amazing ride,” said Brady Sr.

Well, Brady stick around for a while, bringing joy to all of us. His parents must be proud of him.

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