Watch: Gronkowski Scores Patriots First TD Of 2018

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski didn’t really know a lot about his role in the regular season, but here he is, scoring a touchdown.

Gronkowski was positive about his game, and the only issue he had in the preseason was his contract. But, the deal was restructured, and nothing can stop the tight end now. Scoring a touchdown is a nice way to open the first regular-season game, and the Houston Texans will probably have trouble handling the big Gronk.

Gronkowski caught a 21 yard pass from quarterback Tom Brady, and put the team up 7-0 in the first quarter of the matchup against the Houston Texans. The Patriots had an excellent field position after Dont’a Hightower collected a Deshaun Watson fumble on Houston’s first offensive mood in the game.

Gronk went on the left side of the field, and reached the ball over for six. This score makes Brady the third oldest to throw a touchdown pass in a regular-season opener.

The tight end won’t forget the rumors of him being traded to another team. Yes, it all started with the contract negotiations in the offseason. Gronk didn’t even think of leaving, and he’s only interested in giving his best shot. The Patriots knew that he’s a loyal member of the family, and head coach Bill Belichick appreciates loyal players.
Gronk always said that his greatest role on the field is to catch passes from the quarterback. So, he was rewarded with a reconstructed contract worth $4.3 million in incentives glued to it. Gronk will get $1 million in per game bonuses and another $3.3. million in incentives. This brings his max value to $12.05 million.

Gronks will make the money if he catches 70 or more passes, $1.1 million for playing in 80 percent of the offensive snaps in the season, $1.1 million for 9+ touchdowns and $1.1 million for 1,085 receiving yards.

Great job, Gronk!


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