Watch: LeBron James’ Documentary ‘Student Athlete’ To Premiere On HBO In October

LeBron James always talks about social issues without having a second thought on that. He signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and now used the advantage of his Hollywood life. Yes, we’re focusing on the Student Athlete.

LeBron and Maverick Carter produced The Shop, offering top athletes and celebrities to talk about the hottest topic in today’s world. But, the duo didn’t stop here. LeBron and Carter joined their forces with HBO to premier the Student Athlete.

The documentary discusses the plight of student athletes that are often unpaid despite taking part of the billion dollar industry. This is a serious issue in the world of sports, and James decided to open the subject in his documentary.

The documentary will be released on Oct. 2 on HBO. The preliminary trailer is available on HBO’s Twitter.

The project was sitting on LeBron and Carter’s desk for quite some time. But, the duo made a great job with HBO, and even James has a strong platform to release his project.

This is a nice contribution to LeBron’s The Shop show, and he’s even more appreciated now that people get the chance to talk about important issues.

King James is entering the 16th season, and his dominance seems to be never ending. The Western Conference is slightly different, and LeBron will have to give his best bring the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals. Fans believe that he has the power to do so. We’re talking about the king here.

Will the king manage to find the balance between his court duties and his off court production efforts? Probably.
The new season in the NBA will be full of surprises, and it will be nice to see LeBron playing in his new uniform. Facing Cleveland will be the ultimate challenge.

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