Watch: Tom Brady And Josh McDaniels Rip Patriots Offense

The New England Patriots didn’t have a smooth start against the Jacksonville Jaguar. Well, we all knew that this would be a tough game. The team fell behind 14-0, and quarterback Tom Brady had had enough of it. Cameras caught him yelling at his teammates on the sideline. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels “put the cherry on top.”

So, Brady wasn’t just yelling at his fellow Patriots on the sideline. He was shouting the awesome Patriots mantra “do your job.” He wasn’t the only important Patriot figure to rip the team for the awful start. Josh McDaniels did the same thing. He told the players that they need to play better.

The Patriots went scoreless, and were held to only 4.2 yards per play. That’s less than half of Jacksonville Jaguars’ 9.0. The Jags played their opponents pretty well in the AFC Championship Game last year, but they didn’t physically dominate the Pats to this extent.

The Jaguars look like a five-time Super Bowl champions right now. The Pats look like a young team that can’t really settle after the playoff loss.

This isn’t the first time Brady pulls out something like this. The same applies to McDaniels, too. They have ripped into the players on the sideline in several occasions. If you think better, this is Brady’s annual tradition. It happens several times during a season, and let’s be honest, Brady has every right to react this way. His team is losing the game, and New England can’t afford that at the moment.

This may be a motivation for the struggling offense. Nobody wants to be ripped by a Hall of Famer, right? The Patriots better pull their stuff together, and get serious about this game. It’s important for their game, and for their status in the league. Remember that, Pats.

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