Watch: Tom Brady Shares Hype Video For Patriots vs. Jaguars Game

The New England Patriots are ready to challenge the Jacksonville Jaguars. For most fans, the Patriots vs. Jaguars matchup is the most important game in the season.

Quarterback Tom Brady is on the battle line, and he’s definitely ready for Jalen Ramsey. Experts have already made predictions on the Patriots vs. Jaguars game, and they all agree on one simple fact – it will be a tough game.

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Enter the arena.

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Brady posted a hype video for the AFC Championship match just days before the team takes on the Jacksonville Jaguars down in Florida. The video features Ramsey right from the jump. We can see Brady in his office on Monday at 6:10 p.m. checking up on the video of him taking the field for the AFC Championship Game last winter. The quarterback sprints down the field, and then jaws back and forth with Ramsey before the kickoff.

“I think you’re there and you just kind of feeling out everything. You’re feeling out the scene, the situation, the stadium, figuring out the other team, seeing where they’re at and that’s the first time you get to kind of look your opponent in the eye. I think that’s the point you realize, ‘Okay, this is the kind of game it’s going to be.’ Once you take the field it’s like you’ve entered the arena,” Brady says in the video.

Jalen Ramsey was also picking up on the Patriots, and tight end Rob Gronkowski is his favorite target. He even said that the big Gronk isn’t as good as people think. However, Gronkowski didn’t pay any attention at this, adding that he’s more focused on the Sunday game. “I mean, if that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels. It’s a big game this Sunday, we’re playing them. I’m sure I’m going to have opportunities to go versus him. I’m sure he’s going to have opportunities to go versus me. I’m just preparing like I always prepare. I’ve got to just do my job out on the field, just worry about that.”

Game on, guys!

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