Lakers Starting Lineup Vs. Dallas Mavericks Revealed

Are the Los Angeles Lakers ready for their next game? The team lost five games in the regular season, and they better get ready for the Dallas Mavericks.

LeBron James came to Los Angeles to help the Lakers become contenders, but he cannot do everything by himself. The team was also struck with a couple of suspensions after the big brawl between Rajon Rondo, Brandon Ingram and Chris Paul. Both players are back on the court, but Ingram was the only player to be added to the starting lineup. Will head coach Luke Walton put him in the lineup for the game against the Dallas Mavericks?

Ingram regained his spot in the starting lineup, and this leaves just one empty spot for Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma. They played on Ingram’s position during Ingram’s suspension, and the Lakers will have to determine who is going on the court this time. Some say it will be Kuzma.

Rajon Rondo is back, but he was not added to the starting lineup. Lonzo Ball was great on this position, and the Lakers will probably keep him.

Ingram is also playing, and he is pretty confident about it. “I’m not coming off the bench. I don’t know the lineup, but I know I’ll be in it,” Ingram said.

LeBron James will also play. That’s why he came here for. The Lakers need his scores, and that’s pretty much everything we are going to add here.

Kyle Kuzma is also playing, and his scoring fashion is really great. Walton used him to try something new against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The team lost that game, but Walton is ready to take another shot.

JaVale McGee is not going anywhere. He will stay right there, in the starting lineup. The Lakers count on him, and that seals his position.

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