LeBron James Passes Laker Legend In The History Books

LeBron James is the ultimate scorer in the NBA history. But, most NBA experts are actually impressed by his longevity. LeBron is at his peak as a basketball player, and he has already outscored Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon and Tim Duncan. LeBron entered the 2018-19 season in the seventh position on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. The king of basketball just needed 383 to go up to the fifth place and pass Dirk Nowitzki and Wilt Chamberlain. He had these points tonight during the matchup between the Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers. He did that on a free throw in the fourth quarter, but most of the damage came in the 16-point third period.

Chamberlain has a few more records in the history of professional basketball scoring. Everyone remembers him as the only payer to score 100 points in a game. Chamberlain once averaged 50 points per game over a full campaign. Nobody has managed to break these records. They were made in a league that does not exist anymore. Chamberlain has an amazing physical advantage over most of the basketball players of his time, and scoring was not even considered a challenge for him.

No player can brag with such advantage today. However, LeBron is pretty close to achieving that. He is the ultimate athlete of his era. LeBron has excellent talent, skill and drive. Chamberlain is in the top-five of the all-time NBA scoring list for the past fifty years. He was finally banished from the list by LeBron James, who will keep passing milestones like this in the years that follow.

LeBron is excellent on the court. His talent cannot be compared to anything you see in the league. The Los Angeles Lakers did an amazing job by signing him, and they are already seeing the benefits of this contract.

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