Look How Tom Brady Spend Patriots Bye Week After Brutal Titans Loss

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did not spend his bye week resting and having fun.

Brady was working on his bye week despite the fact that his team was off. The Patriots entered the Week 11 bye with a 7-3 record, but if you ask Brady, he will say that the players still have a lot to work on.

“We’re working through certain things. We are 7-3. We have our biggest games ahead of us. I don’t think we’ve played our best football. This is the time of year where we have a great opportunity ahead of us. I took a lot of time this weekend to watch the entire season a couple of times. We just had a lot of communication with our coaches and I think a lot of guys took the weekend to let their minds really be free of football for a few days,” Brady said.

“I am excited to start this week. We are in (Monday) and we basically work all week and then we head to New York. This time of year football season really flies by because you have the holidays and a lot of things going on, but we’ve put ourselves in a decent position.”

The New England Patriots won six games straight before the terrible loss to the Tennessee Titans. They will play against the New York Jets in Week 12.

“It isn’t perfect by any means. I don’t think we have played perfectly, but I think we’ve built to this point where we are in a position to start playing our best. It’s really up to us. There’s no way to talk your way into it. You have to do it. I think we all have to make the commitment to doing it and being our best every day and bringing our competitive stamina to practice, to the meetings and ultimately the one day of the week where it counts in the record books, which is on Sunday,” Brady added.

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