Tedy Bruschi Makes Bombshell Statement About McDaniels Packers’ Coaching Rumors

Seeing Josh McDaniels coaching the Green Bay Packers may sound good to some, but Tedy Bruschi has something else to say about this.

Josh McDaniels has been making headlines lately thanks to his desire to become a head coach of any team in the league. A couple of teams fired their coaches, and McDaniels was almost positive about his moving with the Indianapolis Colts. He has a nice résumé at the moment due to his skills as an offensive coordinator, so many believed that he would do great with the Packers. But, Tedy Bruschi says that McDaniels will have trouble coping with Aaron Rodgers and his persona.

“I heard you guys talking about Josh McDanielsJosh McDaniels may be the best thing for Aaron Rodgers in terms of giving him a system that he can trust, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers wants that. Aaron Rodgers wants the power in terms of ‘I want to be able to do what I want to do and turn this play, whatever you call, into whatever play I turn it into and that’s my best skill.’ But that skill is running out for him,” Bruschi said during his appearance on WEEI’s ‘Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.’

“You gotta bring in a coach and the first question you ask is, ‘Alright you and Aaron, do you think you’d get along?’ And a lot of coaches are going to say, ‘Yeah, yeah we’ll get along. I love Aaron Rodgers’ and all this and all that. But once you start calling plays, things change.”

Coaching a superstar comes packed with several challenges. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick worked together for really long, and they have definitely found a formula for success. You do not really see a quarterback stay with the same head coach for that long. What will happen with McDaniels now?

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