Kobe Bryant Broke His Silence on Jordan-LeBron GOAT Debate

Kobe Bryant does not really approve the debate over the GOAT in the NBA. He cannot stand the idea that some people still talk about him, LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

In one of the talks on Barstool Sports “The Corp” Podcast, Dan Katz asked Kobe Bryant about the GOAT. “See, that’s the type of immature question people are asking. I know this is what regular fans talk about,” Bryant said.

Well Katz decided to press him even harder, and asked if Bryant’s answer means that he considers him the greatest. “What I’m saying is regular people ask really simple questions.”

Katz is a huge Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan, and decided to remind the Lakers legend that LeBron has as many losses in the finals as LeBron. “I don’t care,” Bryant said.

“My impact on this organization is to look forward. If I have taught this fan base anything, it’s that we want excellence. We want championships. And it’s about the purple and gold. It’s not about one player. I came in here with Magic, and Magic embraced me with open arms, as did Kareem and Worthy and everybody else. It’s our responsibility to do the same thing for the next generation that comes in, and I take that stuff dead seriously,” Bryant said.

LeBron has a bunch of NBA achievements such as three championships, three Finals MVP awards, four MVP awards and 14 All-Star appearances. King James went to nine NBA Finals, and won three of them. Jordan finished his brilliant career with six championships, six Finals MVP awards, five league MVPs and 14 All-Star appearances.
Do we really need to debate on this one?

Bryant is deemed No. 3 in this debate. He has five championships, a couple of Finals MVPs, one league MVP award and 18 All-Star appearances. Who is the GOAT?

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