Richard Jefferson Shares Funniest Kobe Bryant Story Every

Kobe Bryant left the Los Angeles Lakers a few years ago, but his shadow is still hunting the players on the franchise. Bryant is an essential part of everything that happens on the court.

Bryant is one of the best players to ever hit the court. He is one of the greatest Lakers players in the history of sports. Things went downhills for the team after his retirement, and the Lakers lost the magic. The front office knew that they need a huge star to solve the problem.

LeBron James came to Los Angeles to make them contenders, and his game was really dominant. However, there are still fans that favor Kobe Bryant, and make him the face of the team. Kobe is not part of the team, but he will always have a special place in Los Angeles.

Every time a player shares a story of him, fans jump around. That’s exactly what happened during Tuesday’s contest between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets.

Richard Jefferson, a former teammate of LeBron James and a tough opponent of Kobe, shared one of the greatest Kobe Bryant stories. You have never heard anything like that.

Today, Jefferson is a broadcaster For Nets games, and used a foul call to share his story with the basketball fans.

Bryant was not actually considered a passer. He used that reputation as an advantage when he argued that a foul is a shooting foul because he did not pass all game. It was more than awesome, and a brilliant story revealed during the contest.

Jefferson was part of the whole thing as part of the broadcasting squad of the Nets. He and King James met before the game, and fans are already raging over the potential comeback.

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