Tom Brady Destroys Patriots Haters With Powerful Instagram Message

Being Tom Brady at this point of the season means having a lot of haters talking behind your back. We have heard all those stories about Brady’s health condition, his injuries and even his retirement.

The best quarterback in the NFL faced serious criticism throughout the season, and things got worse when his numbers started going down. Some said it was the beginning of the end of the Tom Brady era, while others are convinced that this is just a phase. However, this has nothing on the TB12 as Brady is not even concerned of all the people that hate him.

Most NFL teams are really angry at Brady for smashing their chances despite the fact that this was not his best season. The GOAT took to Instagram to share a powerful message for everyone who still doubts his readiness and strength. Brady used his Instagram account to deliver an important message to Patriots haters, assuring them that he is still at the very top.

“Still here.” That’s all his message said, and these two words speak volumes.

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Let’s Go.

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The New England Patriots are ready for the great challenge that comes their way on Sunday, and they are definitely ready for an even greater challenge. This simple message is strong enough for haters to understand that Brady is not going anywhere. Moreover, he is ready to give his best!

New England will face Chargers this Sunday. TB12 will probably try to add more touchdowns to his brilliant resume. The Chargers will arrive at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, and it will be a game worth watching. LA has a nice and fast defense will sure give Brady a headache.

The Chargers will have to play a game checked by a referee that was part of four Patriots wins in the past several years. Let’s not forget the snowy weather and the fact that the team will have to travel across the country.

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