Kyle Van Noy Takes Sam Darnold Fumble 46-Yards For Touchdown

The New England Patriots own the game against the New York Jets. The defense even got an opportunity to hit the end zone. At the 10:48 mark of the third quarter of the game against the Jets, quarterback Sam Darnold fumbled the ball at the Patriots’ 49-yard line after Adam Butler boked the ball free. Kyle Van Noy took the football 46-yards to the end zone and scored a touchdown that brought the Patriots up, 28-3.

The Jets offense could not even move thanks to the Patriots. New England kept the Jets to three points, and the players were even able to sack Darnold in three occasions. The team hold the opponents to just 115 yards of total offense. Kyle Van Noy did a really good job.

Tom Brady completed 16 of his 25 passes for 165 yards and three touchdowns. Devin McCourty may not return to the field due to the head injury he suffered. It was the final result of a friendly fire after Dont’a Hightower smacked McCourty’s helmet on a tackle. The Patriots are on a good way of winning the game, so they will not really need McCourty back on the battle field.

The New England Patriots need this win as much as they needed to win the last few games. Unfortunately, the team lost five games in the regular season, and it was not their brightest year. However, Tom Brady and the rest of the guys managed to find their way back, and had a few brilliant wins. They won the game against the Buffalo Bills, and they will sure win the game against the Jets.

The Jets are in trouble this season, and they are unable to make a move forward. They will lose this game, too. The head coach will have to go after the Week 17 game because of all the games they lost this season.

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