Former Patriots WR Shares Bill Belichick Plan For Tyreek Hill

The New England Patriots will meet the Miami Dolphins in Week 2. It is a great challenge for the Patriots nation, but Chris Hogan is convinced that head coach Bill Belichick knows how to handle Miami WR Tyreek Hill.

The former Patriots wide receiver knows his head coach really well. According to Hogan, Belichick has a big plan for the upcoming match and yes, it centers around Tua Tagovailoa. Hogan went on The Patriots Report podcast with Christopher Price from The Boston Globe to discuss it. Let’s just say his plan makes sense.

“Corner, press, safety over the top. Always trying to give help,” Hogan said.

“Maybe Christian (Gonzalez) follows Tyreek Hill, or Jonathan Jones, ’cause Jonathan Jones has got a lot of speed, but I think there’s just going to be a lot of over-the-top help. I think they’re really going to key on him and they’re going to try and Tua beat them with other players on the field and his feet.”

As mentioned before, Hogan knows Belichick really well. He helped the Patriots defeat Hill and the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2018 AFC Championship Game.

Coach B is all-in when it comes to adjusting the game plan. Now he tends to deploy “split-safeties”, per Taylor Kyles from Patriots on CLNS. In other words, Belichick is has two safeties back to secure the deep portion of the field, protecting the ball from speedy players.

Jonathan Jones is usually the one to take care of Hill, but he missed Friday’s practice due to an ankle issue. If Jones doesn’t join his team in the game, Belichick will use Christian Gonzales. The top pick of this year’s draft was awesome in the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. He did allow nine completions on 13 targets, but he has the right frame to cover Hill.

“You just try to be physical,” Kyles explained. “Try to hit him when you can, slow him down, and try to match speed with speed.”