LeBron James’ Plans On Playing With Bronny Get A Twist

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the series to the Denver Nuggets, leaving plenty of room for trade speculations. The team is expected to make big changes in the offseason and analysts can’t stop talking about Darvin Ham. Will the front office fire the head coach just like they did with Frank Vogel? There’s an endless list of options. Team owner Jeanie Buss and former director of basketball operations Magic Johnson brought LeBron James to LA to win titles. The Lakers have won just one since 2018. LeBron also talked about playing with Bronny and his oldest son declared for the NBA. The four-time NBA champion has to make the biggest decision in his career.

LeBron has a player option in his current deal with the Lakers and can sign with whichever team signs his son if Bronny decides to join the league.

LeBron may not be playing with Bronny in the near future

The Lakers didn’t make the NBA Finals again, meaning LeBron can leave the team. However, we have analysts suggesting that LeBron may have also changed his plans to play with Bronny.

“The idea of them playing together is not a priority, it’s not foremost, at least any longer, in LeBron James’ mind,” Adrian Wojnarowski said. “Rich Paul’s goal here in the pre-draft process for Bronny James is to see if there’s the right developmental system or organization, a place that can take a young player like Bronny James, who went five months without playing after his heart episode certainly limited him in his season at USC. If he does go in the draft, he very likely would spend next year in the G League.”

Bronny’s season in college didn’t go well and may not join a top team in the draft. He may end up playing in the G League. LeBron’s oldest son may decide to work on his skills and take his time before he joins the big league.