Patrick Chung Shares Favorite Memory Of Playing Against Steelers

Patrick Chung was really successful against the Pittsburgh Steelers as part of the New England Patriots squad. He had his rookie season with the team in 2009, and Chung is 5-1 in his professional career against Pittsburgh, including an awesome win in the 2016 AFC Championship Game.

Patrick Chung will sure help the team defeat the Steelers on Sunday. They are meeting at Heinz Field. The Week 15 game is of great importance for both teams, and it will sure be even more thrilling than last season’s game between the teams.

Chung shares his best memories of confronting the Steelers in that game. That was his greatest memory.

We are not really surprised that Chung decided to go with Duron Harmon’s clutch interception, because he was probably fired up to see his fellow safety pull out a game-ending play. The Patriots will need more of Harmon, Chung, and the other players in the secondary to win Sunday’s game.

Head coach Bill Belichick has words of praise for the opponents. He’s strong, he can stand in the pocket, stiff-arms defenders, throws the ball. He’s got great length himself to be able to see over practically everything, he’s got a tremendous arm, can deliver with no wind-up or step into the throw – he can just flat-foot it and fire it 50, 60 yards downfield. So, he’s got great poise,great patience, he knows how long he can wait, and usually a lot of times he waits right until the bitter end and then delivers the ball,” he said of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

He is also amazed by running back James Conner and his success this year.

“He’s a very tough runner, physical, breaks a lot of tackles, runs hard. He’s a tough player to tackle. His playing strength, his balance, is good in the passing game, catches the ball well, gets up field. He doesn’t spend a lot of time going sideways. He finds space, he gets into the defense and is hard to tackle, so he’s done a really good job for them. Good vision, excellent, excellent runner with good power, good hands. He’s had a very productive year.”

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