Tom Brady Explained Why He Fell On The Field After Throwing A Touchdown To Rob Gronkowski

The Patriots’ loss to Miami is still making headlines, and quarterback Tom Brady went on WEEI’s Mut & Callahan to talk about it. But, they have to move on, and there’s no need to fall in despair.

Just a tough loss for us. We’ll have to move on pretty quickly and try to get a win in Pittsburgh. It was just great execution. You know it’s obviously a statistical anomaly when they work, and it just happened to work. They have some guys who are good with the ball in their hands, and it’s just a tough way to lose, but we all contributed in one form or another. It’s the ultimate team sport. We have to do better offensively, and that’s what I think about it,” Brady said.

The quarterback recognized his mistake at the end of the first half of the game.

“Yeah, certainly it was. It was just a bad play. It was third down and I thought, ‘OK, well let’s not throw an interception,’ and just had a few other things going through my mind. I just took it for granted. And I don’t care how long you’ve played, you’ve got to just stay really aware of those situations and don’t give away free points like that. Just a very bad play by me,” he said.

“That rarely happens, so it’s kind of an anomaly. I’m not going to over evaluate it. It was just a bad play. We’ve had four losses on the road. The first two I would say were just slow starts. Then we look at the Tennessee game, we just got really physically outplayed. Yesterday was what it was. We had every opportunity to win that game, so it’s not that I don’t think we can win on the road. We’ve won on the road, we’ve played well on the road, we just have to close the deal,” he said.

But, Patriots fans were concerned about something else. It was the moment when Brady fell to the ground and grabbed his knee.

“Yeah I think my knee brace just grabbed, and it just kind of twisted. It kind of dug in the wrong spot, so there’s no concern. I have it braced up. I’ve been dealing with a little injury and I just had it taped and braced. It must’ve twisted the wrong way, but like I said, I have zero concern,” he explained.

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