Tom Brady Explains Why He Nicknamed This Patriots Teammate ‘The Experiment’

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady does not say that he is the greatest of all time. But, he sure enjoys calling his teammates names. During his press conference on Friday, the quarterback said he gave Cordarrelle Patterson a nickname that reflects his versatility.

“I call him ‘The Experiment.’ Just because he can do it all. We’re all just trying new things with him. I just love what he does,” he said.

The Patriots used Patterson in their rushing receiving and returning games. He scored touchdown in each of his phases. Patterson likes his new nickname. “Oh man, I like any nickname Tom Brady give me. That’s Tom Brady, man. Why not? He can give me any kind of name,” he said.

Patterson also spoke about his competition with Josh Gordon or the “Flash.”

“What we’ve asked him to do, both as a receiver, returner, and then play running back at different times — he’s just a great football player. I think however he can impact the team — gaining yards, whether it’s the kick game, pass game, run game — he’s willing to do it,” Brady said of his teammate.

Patterson lined up in the backfield as if he is a running back. Well, he has already done this with his former teams.

“We gave him the ball, he tried to jump over the top of the line of scrimmage last week on the goal line which was a great play, was really close to getting in but just a little short,” Brady said.

“Everybody knew Cordarrelle was an outstanding athlete, strong runner, great when he had the ball in his hands. We probably could have done a better job when we had him, after watching them,” Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said of Cordarrelle.

The Patriots are all packed for their next game. Will they defeat the Packers?

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