How Patriots Could Make A Diabolical Move Getting Kyler Murray To Foxboro

Everyone in the world of football remembers Bo Jackson’s “no.” He never played for the Buccaneers, and joined the Kansas City Royals after his dispute with Tampa Bay. Is Kyler Murray on a good way to experience the same thing?

The No. 9 overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft will make this year’s NFL Draft. However, that does not mean a thing. Being part of the NFL Draft and inking a deal with a football team are completely different moves. One does not jump to the active roster overnight. Kyler Murray is pretty much in the same position as Jackson.

Murray has the right to choose

Murray can use an option and stay with the Oakland A’s. If he is successful in the Majors, his earning capacity can grow from there. Murray does not even need football, because he can be selective in the sort of squads he is ready sign with.

Will Murray be super selective? One thing stands for sure: No team will surrender a first-round pick for someone who does not need to play on the roster if they does not want to.

Remember what happened to Jackson? He did not play with the Buccaneers, but joined the Raiders.

Murray is a quarterback. Hence he cannot play two sports at once. However, even is he is selected by a team he is not interested in playing for, he can just stick to baseball and look for other options.

Here comes New England. Murray was never linked to the Patriots. But no NFL team is better positioned for him. The New England Patriots won five Super Bowls, and also have a nice record of turning backups into starters. Murray is more talented than Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brisset.

The Patriots have to find a replacement for Tom Brady because the clock is ticking. He will have to go at one point.

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