Watch: Kyle Kuzma Smashes Pistons, Ties Career-High

Kyle Kuzma is one of the greatest names on the Los Angeles Lakers roster. The young player returned to the lineup on Monday, and has already impressed fans. His game against the Pistons is even more impressive than we expected.

Kuzma was struggling with a lower back contusion, but he was perfectly healthy for the game against the Pistons.

Kuzma had an amazing first half

He scored 32 points by the halfway mark of the third quarter, and was just 18 points away from 50 with 18 minutes to play.

The Los Angeles Lakers struggled in the past six games as LeBron James is still out of the lineup. It seemed like the young players could not roll the ball without the star player. Every NBA expert noticed that the team cannot focus on the game without someone to lead them across the court. That’s why head coach Luke Walton told his players to rely on a natural player on the floor and do their best to score.

The Lakers fell behind by 15 against the Dallas Mavericks in the first half of the game on Monday. However, the players managed to take the lead and seal the game with a nice win. The young talents relied the offense on Brandon Ingram, and every single player stepped up the defensive effort.

The king is out, and he will stay out for some time. But, the Lakers are gaining strength, and that’s somehow encouraging for the fanbase.

Kuzma was amazing in the game, and the team will need him to score this good in the upcoming games. The head coach is all about his scoring. Kuzma does not even have to worry about his defensive or passing game. The team really needs Kuzma to bring his scoring warrior out. that’s what this game is all about.

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